Over the years I developed software which was not available at the time when I needed it for my research. A subset of programs and tutorials, how to use the software, will be published on the following pages.

  • Please keep in mind: I am a dentist.
  • My programs work. But the code is far from being optimal or esthetic.
  • The tutorials are usually quick and dirty notes, which should help. I did not take care to improve the layout.

Personal disclaimer:

  • I have no formal training in programming.
  • I am an autodidact with very limited time. . Usually I try to find solutions for similar problems in the internet and then I adapt them by trial and error to fit my purposes.
  • I had to learn Java “on the job” (= dentist at the LMU, Munich, GER) because I was tired to write grant applications, which take longer then developing my own plugins for ImageJ.
  • I would appreciate any help to improve my code!

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